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Brittaney Releases 'Being Good' Music Video

As a black woman auditioning often times I ask myself if it's worth it? Having to deal with the cattle call, the stress, the hustling, the disappointment of waiting and not being seen or the uncertainty of being seen especially as a non equity actress. 

This is a challenging business that can be cold and harsh particularly to people of color. When I'm looking through scripts and the breakdown, many times it will say seeking people of color, but then y I ask myself, are they truly open to wanting people of color for these shows they advertise? There aren't as many roles for us that are well developed. Some of these plays specifically call for people of color to audition but are they really casting these actors?

I never gave it much thought about the struggles of auditioning as a black woman, but as I reflect back on it, my elders were right. Being black, I have to be twice as good to get half as much as my white peers. I have to work harder and smarter. I can’t afford to be mediocre. The time and dedication to achieving my goals have take a lot more than meeting the minimum standards. I work hard, study, take classes, sometimes work for free, get up early for auditions and many times you just get NO. I've gotten so used to the rejection which is why as of now I’m sitting here like SCREW THIS.

The racial difference between the roles available for people like me vs. the immense amount of roles for people of non-color Inflects a profound imbalance. Because how can we get Sag? How can we get equity when sometimes we can’t even get seen? We spend 3 hours at a casting call and are told to leave our headshots which by the way I’m not doing because do the casting people even look at them when they didn’t get to see our work? Headshots are too expensive for THAT!

But, I’m an artist and I’m passionate about my craft- so I just re-shift my focus I tune into my inner Greenlight and I Rise Rise Rise. I just have to find strength in being the BEST I can be...or nothing at all. I choose the BEST.

-Brittaney Delsarte Chatman